• ”Stop reading the Bible like it’s just black print on white paper. These women were real.” – Janice McBride

“The Woman Caught in Adultery” by Annie Poonen

A weeping woman caught in adultery was once brought to Jesus by the Pharisees (John 8 ). According to Jewish law she deserved to be stoned to death. And so they brought her to the Rabbi of Rabbis, in order to trap Him. If He set her free, they would accuse Him of nullifying the Law. If He commanded her to be stoned, He would lose His reputation for compassion. It was a “No-win” situation. “Heads they win and Tails you lose”.  Jesus dealt with each situation wisely. Even the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men (1 Cor.1:25). Jesus had compassion on her because He understood what it was that made her live the life she was living. It may not have been of her own free choice. Some man may have lured her with false promises and then ditched her. After that, men had repeatedly used her and discarded her. She hated this life. But how could she earn her living? Hardly a day went by without shedding tears. But who would understand her? Who would help her? Yes, Jesus would do both. He would understand her and help her.

I know of many women today who are being rescued from such a life by brave disciples of Jesus, who are taking the risk of confronting the mafia lords who run the brothels. The weeping women in such brothels have lost all hope of living a normal life. Some of them were kidnapped as children by agents who operate the flesh trade. They do not even know who their parents are, or where they come from. Many of these women have now become drug-addicts and need the money they get from prostitution to satisfy their craving for drugs. Many others are infected by HIV and are dying a slow death. Jesus cares for such weeping women and wants to deliver them. He wants to use you and me for this ministry, even today.

That woman ( of John 8 ) never thought she would live another day. She must have been weeping even as she  was standing there before her accusers, expecting the first stone to hit her any moment. She saw the compassion on the face of Jesus and her pleading eyes hoped He would understand. He did. He forgave her and turned her path into a new life of discipleship and usefulness to society. He can do the same for you, no matter how low you may have fallen.  “I do not condemn you. Go and sin no more”, are His words to you today.

From the book ‘Woman, Why Are You Weeping?’ Chapter 9

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  • “God, I want to know more of You. I want to know more of Your ways. I want to know anything You want to show me through this. But if I have to live with mystery and unanswered questions the rest of my life, I will still trust You. I will still love You. I will still obey You.” – Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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