• “One does not surrender a life in an instant. That which is lifelong can only be surrendered in a lifetime.” – Elisabeth Elliot

The Bridegroom Cometh by Charlotte Elliot

'Blessed is he whom the Lord, when He Cometh, shall find watching,' 

Thou for whom we look, now aid me 

Still to watch, and trim my light ! 
Thou in white robes hast arrayed me, 

I must watch to keep them white ; 
Cold without, rough winds are blowing, 

And within the air falls damp ; 
Still amid the darkness glowing. 

Bright must shine my bridal lamp. 

Thy free grace. Thy love unbounded. 

Chose, and bade me waiting stand. 
Till the glad call should be sounded, 

" Lo ! the Bridegroom is at hand ! " 
Though the time seems long and dreary, 

And the watch is hard to keep. 
Still, though faint and weak and weary, 

Lord ! permit me not to sleep.
Let me, watch for Thine appearing, 

Till the bridal pomp I hail ; 
Till, night's mists and shadows clearing. 

Streaming o'er the illumined vale 
I discern the rising splendour, 

Catch from far their sweet acclaim, 
Whose unnumbered voices render 

Praise and glory to Thy name ! 

Then, to swell the grand procession, 
May we haste without a fear ! 

While, enriched by our accession, 
Sweeter anthems greet Thine ear. 

Then may my white robe be stainless- 
May my lamp shed light around ! 

E'en without a spot and blameless, 
May I at that hour be found ! 

Then the bride, indeed " made ready,'' 

Shall be brought with joy untold ; 
Now no more defiled or needy. 

But in raiment of wrought gold. 
For this hour the whole creation 

Groaned and travailed, as in birth — 
Now the glorious consummation 

Fills with joy new heavens and earth.


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