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The Unfailing One by Francis R. Havergal

‘He faileth not.’ Zep 3:5.


HE who hath led, will lead

All through the wilderness;

He who hath fed, will feed;

He who hath blessed, will bless

He who hath heard thy cry,

Will never close His ear;

He who hath marked thy faintest sigh,

Will not forget thy tear.

He loveth always, faileth never;

So rest on Him, to–day, for ever!


He who hath made thee whole

Will heal thee day by day;

He who hath spoken to thy soul

Hath many things to say.

He who hath gently taught

Yet more will make thee know;

He who so wondrously hath wrought

Yet greater things will show.

He loveth always, faileth never;

So rest on Him, to–day, for ever!


He who hath made thee nigh

Will draw thee nearer still;

He who hath given the first supply

Will satisfy and fill.

He who hath given thee grace

Yet more and more will send;

He who hath set thee in the race

Will speed thee to the end.

He loveth always, faileth never;

So rest on Him, to–day, for ever!


He who hath won thy heart

Will keep it true and free;

He who hath shown thee what thou art

Will show Himself to thee.

He who hath bid thee live,

And made thy life His own,

Life more abundantly will give,

And keep it His alone;

He loveth always, faileth never;

So rest on Him, to–day, for ever!


Then trust Him for to–day

As thine unfailing Friend,

And let Him lead thee all the way,

Who loveth to the end.

And let the morrow rest

In His beloved hand;

His good is better than our best,

As we shall understand,—

If, trusting Him who faileth never,

We rest on Him, to-day, for ever!

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  • R Friend says:

    When I was a child, my mother befriended an elderly lady named Rita. Rita had severe dementia and nearly drove my brother and I crazy, repeating the same stories over and over and over. One of the things she repeated was the last verse of this poem which she had learned from her mother. She repeated it so many times, that at 65, I could still recite the verse from memory. In the last 20 months, I have lost my entire family, including my little brother. As the grief overwhelmed me, I would remind myself they are all in God's hands and repeat to myself, "Then trust Him for today, as thine unfailing friend. . ." I wondered where the poem came from, and with the wonders of the internet was pointed directly to this site. Thank you to my mother for teaching me to befriend the elderly and be kind to them. Thank you to Rita's mother for teaching her this poem. Thank you to FRH for penning these inspiring and comforting words. Thank to the FRH trust for making those words available to the world again. "My word. . .shall not return unto me void." Isaiah 55:11

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