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Anne Hutchinson’s Creed

  • That the Law and the preaching of it, is of no use at all to drive a man to Christ.
  • That a man is united to Christ and justified, without faith; yea, from eternity.
  • That faith is not a receiving of Christ, but a man’s discerning that he hath received him already.
  • That a man is united to Christ only by the work of the Spirit upon him, without any act of his.
  • That a man is never effectually Christ’s, till he hath assurance.
  • This assurance is only from the witness of the Spirit.
  • This witness of the Spirit is merely immediate, without any respect to the word, or any concurrence with it.
  • When a man hath once this witness he never doubts more.
  • To question my assurance, though I fall into murder or adultery, proves that I never had true assurance.
  • Sanctification can be no evidence of a man’s good estate.
  • No comfort can be had from any conditional promise.
  • Poverty in spirit (to which Christ pronounced blessedness, Matt. v. 3) is only this, to see I have no grace at all.
  • To see I have no grace in me, will give me comfort; but to take comfort from sight of grace, is legal.
  • An hypocrite may have Adam’s graces that he had in innocence.
  • The graces of Saints and hypocrites differ not.
  • All graces are in Christ, as in the subject, and none in us, that Christ believes, Christ loves, etc.
  • Christ is the new Creature.
  • God loves a man never the better for any holiness in him, and never the less, be he never so unholy.
  • Sin in a child of God must never trouble him.
  • Trouble in conscience for sins of Commission, or for neglect of duties, shows a man to be under a covenant of works.
  • All covenants to God expressed in works are legal works.
  • A Christian is not bound to the Law as a rule of his conversation.
  • A Christian is not bound to pray except the Spirit moves him.
  • A minister that hath not this new light is not able to edify others: that have it.
  • The whole letter of the Scripture is a covenant of works.
  • No Christian must be pressed to duties of holiness.
  • No Christian must be exhorted to faith, love, and prayer, etc., except we know he hath the Spirit.
  • A man may have all graces, and yet want Christ.
  • All a believer’s activity is only to act sin.

This is a list of beliefs for which Anne Hutchinson was prosecuted, and was transcribed from: The Heresies of Anne Hutchinson and Her Followers, by Rev. Thomas Welde of the fisrt church of Roxbury, Massachusetts; The Preface to “A Short Story of the Rise, Reign, and Ruin of Antimonians.” (1644).

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