• “When we begin to understand what the blood of Jesus does for us, we will testify to the power of His blood, and shall thus have power continually to overcome the enemy. It is blessed to note that the blood of Jesus is the purchase price of our full salvation. ‘Take heed…to feed the church of God, which He hath purchased with His own blood’ (Acts 20:28)” – Carrie Judd Montgomery

Third Day – My King – by Francis R. Havergal

Allegiance to the King

‘Thou art my King.’—Ps. xliv. 4.
FIRST, can I say it ? Is Jesus in very deed and truth ‘my King’ ? Where is the proof of it ? Am I living in His kingdom of ‘ righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost’ now? Am I speaking the language of that kingdom ? Am I following ‘the customs of the people ‘  which are not His people ? or do I ‘diligently learn the ways of His people ‘ ? Am I practically living under the rule of His laws? Have I done heart homage to Him ? Am I bravely and honestly upholding His cause, because it is His, not merely because those around me do so ? Is my allegiance making any practical difference to my life to-day?
Next, ought I to say it ?

1 2 Thess. i. 12. 2 Rom. xiv. 17, 3 Jer. x. 3.  Jer. xii. 16.

What! any question about that ? The King, who came Himself to purchase me from my tyrant and His foe;  the King, who laid aside His crown and His royal robes, and left His kingly palace, and came down Himself to save a rebel;  the King, who, though He was rich, yet for my sake became poor, that I ‘ through His poverty might be rich,’  ought I to acknowledge Him ? is it a question of ‘ought I ? ‘ God has ‘ called me unto His Kingdom and glory;’  He ‘ hath translated me into the kingdom of the Son of His love;’  and shall the loyal words falter or fail from my lips, ‘Thou art my King’ ?

Lastly, do I say it ?
God has said to me, ‘ He is thy Lord, and worship thou Him.’  Do my lips say, ‘ My Lord and My God’ ? Does my life say, ‘Christ Jesus, my Lord,’—definitely and personally, ‘ my Lord’? Can I share in His last sweet commendation to His disciples, the more precious because of its divine dignity, ‘Ye call me Master and Lord, and ye say well, for so I am ‘ ?  Have I said, ‘Thou art my King’ 10 to Jesus Himself, from the depth of my own heart, in unreserved and unfeigned submission to His sceptre? Am I ashamed or afraid to confess my allegiance in plain English among His friends or before His foes ?  Is the seal upon my brow so unmistakable that always and everywhere I am known to be His subject? Is’ Thou art my King ‘ blazoned, as it ought to be, in shining letters on the whole scroll of my life, so that it may be ‘ known and read of all men ‘ ?

 Acts XX. 28.  Phil. ii. 7. 8  Cor. viii. 9.
I Thess. ii. 12,  Col. i. 13.  Ps. xlv. 11.
John XX, 28. Phil. iii. 8.  John xiii. 13.
Ps. Ixxxi. 15, margin, n Matt. x. 32.  Acts iv. 13.

Answer Thou for me, O my King ! ‘ Search me and try me,’  and show me the true state of my case, and then for Thine own sake pardon all my past disloyalty, and make me by Thy mighty grace from this moment totally loyal! For ‘ Thou art my King.’

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  • “A Christian woman’s true freedom lies on the other side of a very small gate—humble obedience—but that gate leads out into a largeness of life undreamed of by the liberators of the world, to a place where the God-given differentiation between the sexes is not obfuscated but celebrated, where our inequalities are seen as essential to the image of God, for it is in male and female, in male as male and female as female, not as two identical and interchangeable halves, that the image is manifested.” – Elisabeth Elliot

Verse of the Day

For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, — Philippians 3:20 (NKJV)

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