• “I never felt such an entire emptiness of self-love, or any regard to any private, selfish interest of my own. It seemed to me, that I had entirely done with myself. I felt that the opinions of the world concerning me were nothing, and that I had no more to do with any outward interest of my own, than with that of a person whom I never saw. The glory of God seemed to be all, and in all, and to swallow up every wish and desire of my heart” – Sarah Edwards, wife of Jonathan Edwards

Sixth Day – My King – by Francis R. Havergal

The Condescension of the King 

‘Behold, thy King cometh unto thee.’— Zech. ix. 9.
THAT our King should let us come to Him is condescension indeed. But have we praised Him for His still more wonderful condescension: ‘ Thy King cometh unto thee.’  ‘Unto thee’, rebel, traitor, faithless subject, coward and cold-hearted follower; for where is the life that has not fallen under these charges, when seen in the double light of the King’s perfect law and the King’s great love? Yes, he cometh unto thee, and it is enough to break our hearts when we get one contrasted glimpse of this undeserved grace and unparalleled condescension.

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His great promise has had its first fulfilment ‘unto thee.’ It is a finished fact of sevenfold grace. Thy King has come, and His own voice has given the objects of His coming,— ‘to do Thy will, O God ‘ ‘to fulfil’ the law ; ‘ ‘ to call sinners to repentance ;’ ‘ to seek and to save that which was lost ;’  that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly  a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.’  What He came to do He has done, for ‘He faileth not.’ On this we may and ought to rest quietly and undoubt-ingly, for ‘the Lord hath done it.’
But you want a further fulfilment,—you want a present coming of your King. You have His most sweet word, ‘I will come to you;’ and you respond, ‘Oh, when wilt Thou come unto me? ‘  Are you ready to receive the King’s own answer now? Do you so desire His coming, that you do not want it postponed at all ? Can you defer all other comers, and say in reality, ‘ Let my Beloved come’ ?

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He has but one answer to that appeal. Hush! listen ! believe ! for the King speaks to you: ‘ I am come into my garden, my sister, my spouse.’  He is come. Do not miss the unspeakable blessing and joy of meeting Him and resting in His presence, by hurrying away to anything else, by listening to any outward call.’ Stay now, lay the little book aside, kneel down at your King’s feet, doubt not His word, which is * more sure’ than even the * excellent glory’ that apostles beheld, and thank Him for coming to you. Commune with Him now of all that is in your heart,’ and ‘rejoice greatly,’ for, behold, thy King cometh unto thee.’

 Jesus comes to hearts rejoicing,
Bringing news of sin forgiven;
Jesus comes in sounds of gladness.
Leading souls redeemed to heaven.
 Jesus comes again in mercy.
When our hearts are bowed with care;
Jesus comes again, in answer
To an earnest, heartfelt prayer.’
– Godfrey Thring.

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3 2 Pet. i. 19, •* I Kings x. 2.

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