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Parents, Islamic Extremists Beat Young Woman in India

Christian in West Bengal cast out of home for her faith.

NEW DELHI, March 20 (CDN) — A young woman was thrown out of her home this month for daring to give thanks for healing in Christ’s name in a predominantly Muslim village in India’s West Bengal state, and then her parents helped Islamic extremists to beat her nearly unconscious.

The attack on Rekha Khatoon, 22, took place on March 9 in Nutangram, Murshidabad.

“I boldly told those who beat me up that I may leave my parents, but that I will not leave Jesus,” Khatoon said. “Jesus has healed me, and I cannot forget Him.”

In a village where hard-line Muslims have threatened to kill the 25 families who initially showed interest in Christ, leaving only five frightened Christian families, Khatoon was returning from worship with Believers Church at Al Hamdulillah Hall when her parents and Muslim extremists attacked her, she said. They called her a pagan, among other verbal abuse.

The mob also harassed the Christian woman who encouraged Khatoon to trust Christ as Lord, Aimazan Bibi, said Bashir Pal, pastor and founder of the village Believers Church.

“On the same night, Rekha Khatoon’s father, Nistar Shaike, and about 20 Muslim radicals surrounded Aimazan’s house, shouted anti-Christian slogans, threatened to harm her and her family and falsely accused her of ‘luring’ Rekha to convert to Christianity,” Pastor Pal told Compass.

After finding herself alone on a road after the beating, Khatoon had taken refuge in Aimazan Bibi’s home.

Khatoon had met Amaizan Bibi last year and told her about a reproductive ailment that caused her to bleed heavily, and the older woman had shared both the gospel of Christ and His healing power with her, Pastor Pal said.

“After Rekha Khatoon came to know about her ailment, she met one of our church members, Aimazan Bibi, and she shared her physical problem with her and told her that her illness was getting worse as she was not able to purchase medicines anymore,” he said.

Aimazan Bibi also invited Khatoon to attend church. On Dec. 23, Khatoon came to the worship center, where Christian women laid hands on her, he said. The pastor and congregation prayed for God’s healing touch in Jesus’ name.

“She received healing from Christ, and thereafter she attended the worship services whenever she could,” Pastor Pal said. “On Jan. 17, Khatoon attended one house church meeting in her village and once again testified that Jesus has healed her, and that she had not taken any medicine since Dec. 23.”

He said the Muslim extremists warned Khatoon not to have contact with Christians. West Bengal is 25.2 percent Muslim, with Hindus in the predominantly Hindu country making up 72.5 percent of the population in the state, according to Operation World. The state, which borders Muslim-majority Bangladesh, is only 0.6 percent Christian.

Upon learning that she was attending Christian worship meetings, her parents had strictly warned her not to have any relationships with Christians and not to attend their fellowship, Aimazan Bibi said.

“However, she told them that she cannot forget Jesus and His love for her,” she said.

Pastor Pal’s wife, nurse Anasea Pal, added that at another house church meeting, Khatoon brought her sister and talked about the healing she had received from Christ.

Khatoon has since relocated to another area, where she lives largely confined for her own protection.

Khatoon and her mother had attended worship services at the church previously; they began there in 2009 until area Muslims, furious to hear that several women were attending worship services, warned them to cease all contact with Christians or else they would face harm. The local mosque then offered Khatoon’s mother a job carrying food for the local Islamic leader to ensure she stopped all contact with Christians.

She also stopped Khatoon from attending Christian meetings.

Tensions prevail in the area, with enraged Muslim radicals threatening to hurt the five Christian families on the slightest pretext. In addition to harassing Aimazan Bibi, Islamic extremists have ruined her son Sirajul Shaike’s business, throwing away all his vegetables and chasing him out of the village market.

“It is very difficult for them now, since selling vegetables was the main source of income for the family,” Pastor Pal said.

Christians in the village have endured all manner of physical torture and social boycotts at the hand of Muslim extremists, Pastor Pal said. He added that the extremists are not allowing Christians to enter the village.


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1 Responses to Parents, Islamic Extremists Beat Young Woman in India

  • Aimazan Bibi says:

    SUBJECT: RADICAL MUSLIMS ARE CONSTANTLY THREATENING ME & FAMILY TO MURDER US AS WE ARE CHRISTIANS Dear Sisters in Christ, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ from Nutangram village in India! I would like to introduce myself with you that I am Aimazan Bibi. I live in the village named Nutangram under Murshidabad Police station, Dist. Murshidabad, West Bengal State, India. My husband name is Gaffar Shaike. I and my entire family accepted Jesus as our Lord & Saviour and we are followers of Lord Jesus Christ. I am conducting House Church fellowship at my own house on every Monday and few other Christian brothers & sisters are attending at our fellowship from last few years. On 30th March 2012 , while I had invited few Christian families for lunch and for prayer meeting at my own house. While we had started prayer service, numbers of radical Muslims forcibly entered to my house and attacked our prayer meeting at around 2.P.M. Annu Shaike, son of Nizammuddin Shaike started to kicked my stomach & head mercilessly and injured my hand. Even he twisted my hand very tightly and tried to break my hand but God saved my hand. Later on radical Muslims mocked, abused to my Christian brothers & sisters. A mob of about 100 Islamists gathered and they were shouting anti-Christian slogans and threatening to murder us. Even they pushed, kicked and slapped us. When my Christian brothers & sisters tried to flee, the radical Muslims blocked their way. Ahammed Shaike, son of Late Kalimuddin Shaike, leading the extremists group to beat all the Christians and killed them for the sake of Allah. Mohammed Kuran Shaike, son of Ahammed Shaike beat to my mother who is 65-year-old widow Moyazan Bewa. Ahamed’s wife Mrs. Salema Bibi started to beat to another Christian women Selina Bibi. All other Christian men & women received minor injuries. Two small children present at the meeting were crying in fear. Christian brothers & sisters somehow made their way out and scattered, but Mohammed Aanu Shaike with a sickle chased us and wanted to murder us as Ahammed Shaike encouraging him and all other extremists as we are Christians. Ahammed Shaike, his family members and their extremists group always threatening me & my family that they are openly telling us that they will murder us as we are Christians. My hasband, Gaffar Shaike submitted written complaint to the local Police station on 31st March 2012 and copied to District Magistrate & Superintendent of Police in Murshidabad district. But, so far police or Administration didn’t take any action. Therefore, Ahammed Shaike, his family members and their extremist groups are giving more troubles to us and forcibly coming to my house and telling us publicly that they will murder us as we are Christians. I humbly request you kindly pray for God’s protection for me, family & all other Christians in Nutangram village. Also I request you kindly write a letter to the Authorities of my country & State and request them to look after our situation. So, that they might take necessary action and provide protection for me & family and other local Chistians in Nutangram. With regards, Aimazan Bibi * Please write to the authorities : such as 1. President of India: MRS. PRATIVA SINGH PATIL Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi - 110 004 Fax: 011-23017290 & 011-23017824 Email: presidentofindia@rb.nic.in 2. Prime Minister of India Dr. Monmohan Singh Fax: 91-11-23019545 / 91-11-23016857 e-mail: manmohan@sansad.nic.in 3. Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. P. Chidambaram Phone: 23092161,23092011 Fax: 23093750, 23092763 email: websitemhaweb@nic.in 4. Chief Minister of West Bengal State. Miss. Mamata Bannerjee Email : cm@wb.gov.in Office Fax : +91 33 22145480 1. Governor of West Bengal State Mr. M. K. Narayanan Raj Bhavan Kolkata 700 062 Phone: 033-2200 1641 Fax: 91 - 33 – 2200 2444 / 2200 1649 Email: secy-gov-wb@nic.in governor-wb@nic.in

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