• “I was restored, as it were, to perfect life and set wholly at liberty. I was no longer depressed, no longer borne down under the burden of sorrow. I had thought God lost, and lost forever; but I found Him again.” – Madame Guyon

Letters of Madame Guyon






  "Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth
  alone; but if it die it bringeth forth much fruit."



Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1858, by HENRY HOYT,

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the District of


Madam Guyon's correspondence was very extensive, occupying five printed
volumes.  Her style of writing is somewhat diffuse.  In giving
religious advice to many persons, there would necessarily be frequent
repetitions.  It has, therefore, occurred to the writer, that a
selection and re-arrangement of thoughts, such as is found in this
little volume, would be more acceptable and useful, than a literal and
full translation of her letters.  This selection necessarily involved
much re-writing and condensing.  Great care, however, has been taken to
reach her true sentiments, and to give a just relation of her religious

In the interesting preface to her letters, published in 1767, the
writer remarks: "Next to the Holy Scriptures, we do not believe there
has been given to the world, any writings, so valuable as Madam
Guyon's; and of all these precious treasures, her letters are the most
rare.  All who have received the unction of the Holy One, whereby they
know the truth, are agreed upon her divine writings."

If the writer may be permitted to add her humble testimony, having
enjoyed the privilege of reading her writings in the original for
several years, she would say, there are no writings, excepting the
Sacred Oracles, from which she has received so much spiritual benefit.
It is on this account, she has endeavored, with divine assistance, to
portray to others, Madam Guyon's deep religious feelings.  May the same
spirit of devotion to her Lord and Master which she possessed, rest
upon the heart of the reader.

Happy are they in whose hearts burns the flame of divine love.


Brunswick, Me., April, 1858.


Jeannie Marie Mothe, the maiden name of Madam Guyon, was born at
Montargis, in France, April 13, 1648.  She was married to M. J. Guyon,
in 1664, and became the mother of four children.  In July, 1676, she
was separated from her husband by death.  Madam Guyon was one of that
number, who, in advance of the common standard of piety, are called to
be _Reformers_; and on this account, she suffered great persecutions.
She was several times imprisoned.  At one time eight months; and
subsequently four years in one of the towers of the celebrated Bastile.
After her release from prison, she was banished for the remainder of
her days to Blois, on the river Loire.  At the time of her release from
the Bastile, she was fifty-four years of age.  Her sufferings from the
cold, damp walls of the prison, in winter, and the confined air in
summer, with other privations and hardships, greatly impaired her
constitution, and rendered her a sufferer to the close of her days.
She died June 9, 1717, aged sixty-nine years.

During her imprisonment, she wrote her Autobiography, which has been
translated into English.  Another work of hers, "The Torrents," has
recently been translated, very happily, by Mr. Ford.  Also two essays,
"Method of Prayer," and "Concise View of the Way of God," by J. W.
Metcalf.  It is not known by the writer, that her other works have been
translated, with the exception of some of her poems by William Cowper;
and "The Life and Experience of Madam Guyon," in two volumes, written
by my husband.

P. L. U.
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  • Tony Conrad says:

    Interesting Lady. They called her a mystic but it is obvious she was a true Christian and was persecuted for it mainly withing the church it seems.

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