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Twentieth Century

“Hundreds of millions of Christians died for their faith in the twentieth century and that several hundred thousand still do each year of the still new twenty-first century.” – reports The Christian Post

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4 Responses to Twentieth Century

  • Tyrone Flanagan says:

    Please consider entering into your lists of women martyred for the faith, Laura Louise Binkley. She was a missionary to Russia working with orphan children in 1993. She was killed while ministering to a Russian woman in Moscow during the revolt against the Yeltsin government on October 10, 1993. Records of her death and its aftermath are available on the internet. Laura spoke several languages and had a remarkable gift of personal evangelism in working with young people. She led more than 10 to Christ in her short stay in Russia. J. I. Packer mentions her life in one of his books. She was a pure witness in every way. I knew her personally. Sincerely, Tyrone Flanagan

  • JNoe says:

    Laura was an amazing beautiful special soul. My youth leader, a second mom to me, my roommate in our apt in Moscow. I know it is told to forgive, but I still can’t understand the “why”... all, I know is that I was blessed to have had her in my life.

    • Cheryl A says:

      Dear JNoe and Tyrone, All these years later and I still search for a why. I don’t think I’ll truly understand until heaven but it brings me warmth knowing that my foster aunt spread so much love. It’s been a desire in my life to do the same because of her.

  • Tyrone Flanagan says:

    Dear JNoe, So good to hear from one of the young people in Russia that Laura left her loving mark on. Here it is over 26 yrs later, and we're still talking about her. If we know that Jesus rose from the dead, then we know that she will come with Him when He returns. We will see her again and when we do no one will take our joy away. It will be glorious and our hearts will be opened to each other in a way that they never could be in this life. She lived a committed and focused life and it wasn't a wasted life like so many others are. I wish I could reach out and hug you. Drop me a line sometime at tfatascadero@gmail.com

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