• “There’s a big difference between a life that’s a performance, and a life that’s an offering — One holds us captive. The other sets us free.” – Susie Larson


As it is known and manifest according to the testimony of the divine Scriptures, that all who have been righteous, and lived godly in Christ Jesus, have had to suffer, from the beginning of the world, so this Maria, as a pious, God-fearing woman, also partook of said suffering. For as she, according to the requirement of the Scriptures, had been baptized upon the true faith, as a member of the body of Christ, and had conducted herself for a time in an edifying manner among the brethren and all men, the envy of the dragon manifested itself, and the bailiff of Monjou caused her to be brought and imprisoned at Monjou, where she remained in confinement over a year. And though she had to suffer much, yet she bore it with joy. Her constant admonition to all the pious was, that they should walk in love, and hold fast the covenant of Jesus Christ. Eph. 5:2. She was herself constantly endeavoring to present her body a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, and that she might be built up a spiritual house well adorned inwardly with the Word of.God. Rom. 12:1; I Pet. 2:5.

The authorities tormented her for three days in succession, but could not induce her to forsake her faith, since she would adhere to Christ; for according to the Scriptures, no one is ever confounded, who fears God from the heart. The bailiff entreated her to go to church and he would release her, and give her her board for a whole year; but she would not consent, but desired to adhere to Christ, and to give her life for His sake; whereupon she was condemned to be drowned.

On her way to the water, she sang with a joyful heart, because this day had come, and she had lived to see this hour; and thus she proceeded, like a sheep is led to the slaughter, in the hands of Pilate, even as they did with Christ, as the Scripture testifies, “They shall kill you, and think that they do God service.” John 16:2.

On the way, Maria said, “I have been the bride of a man; but today I hope to be the bride of Christ, and to inherit His kingdom with Him.” As they approached the water, one of the hypocrites said, “O Maria, repent, or it will not go well with you.” At the water, they delayed with her over two hours, thinking that they could induce her to apostatize, forsake the truth, and follow them. Thereupon Maria said, “I adhere to my God; proceed with what you have come here for; the wheat is in the straw; it must be threshed, so the Word of God has begun, and must be finished.” With this, she undressed, willingly surrendered herself, and said, “O heavenly Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit,” and was thus drowned, and died, confessing the name of God, and sealing it with her death to the consolation of all believers.

(Martyrs Mirror)


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  • “I, being in the Bastille, said to Thee, O my God, If thou art pleased to render me a spectacle to men and angels, thy holy will be done! All I ask is that thou wilt be with and save those who love thee.” – Madame Guyon

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