• “When God was pleased to call me to Christ’s mission, which is a mission of peace and love to the sinful and the wandering, He taught me that I must be willing to be, in some sense, a partaker in Christ’s sufferings.” – Madame Guyon


GOD loves you, since He is so jealous over you and so 
watchful in bringing home to you even your smallest 
faults. When you perceive any fault which indisposes 
you for prayer, be content to humble yourself under 
God's Hand, and accept this interruption of sensible 
grace as a deserved penance, and then be at rest. Do 
not seek the pleasure which you get in the society of 
worthy people who esteem you out of mere self-indulgence, 
but on the other hand do not give way to scruples about 
accepting such consolation when Providence sends it. 
Throw off the excessive keenness with which you hail 
all such consolations. It will suffice if your will does not 
yield, and if you are sincerely purposed to do without 
them all when they are withheld. You want to know 
what God requires of you in this matter ? I reply, God 
would have you take what comes, and not run after what 
does not come. Accept what is given you with sim- 
plicity, looking only to God, Who thus upholds you in 
your weakness, and bear in faith the privation of what- 
ever He takes away to teach you detachment. When 
you have learnt thus tranquilly to accept all the variable- 
ness of others towards you, as permitted by God on pur- 
pose to mould you, you will find that what pleases you 
will be no disturbance to your prayers, and that priva- 
tions will not lead to vexation or depression. 

Do not give up your fixed times for meditation, 
morning and evening. They are brief : you will spend 
them easily, half in weariness and involuntary distrac- 
tions, half in return to thoughts of God. During the 
rest of the day let yourself go with the spirit of recollec- 
tion as you are able, only observing two restrictions one 
not to let it interfere with your devotional duties, and 
the other to take care not to tire your head and injure 
your very fragile health. 

Go on trustfully and without fear. Fear narrows the 
heart, trust expands it : fear is the portion of slaves, 
trust of children. As to your petty weaknesses, you 
must accustom yourself to look at them with hearty con- 
demnation, but without impatience or depression. And 
with a view to their correction, bring back your heart as 
often as may be through the day to the calming influ- 
ences of prayer, and the familiar Presence of God


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  • “Where does your security lie? Is God your refuge, your hiding place, you stronghold, your shepherd, your counselor, your friend, your redeemer, your saviour, your guide? If He is, you don’t need to search any further for security.” – Elisabeth Elliot

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