• “Jesus died as He had lived: praying, forgiving, loving, sacrificing, trusting, quoting Scripture. If I die as I have lived, how will I die?” – Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Burt Forney on Martha Ravenhill

Burt Forney is a businessman in Lindale who knew Leonard and Martha, first as friends and later as a neighbor. After Leonard’s death, the Forneys purchased the house next door to Martha and were her neighbors until Martha moved. Burt remembers Martha’s strength and grace:

“Martha was kind and gracious, but she was also tough. She was always in the background, guiding and protecting Leonard. We moved next door to Martha after Leonard died. She was a wonderful neighbor. By the time, she was old, probably in her mid-eighties.

There were many times when people drove up the driveway, stopped, then drove out, probably wanting to see where Leonard lived. A lot of people still thought he lived there and would show up. Martha would come out and say hello and would give them the opportunity to express what Len had meant to them. Even to this day, seventeen years later, people still show up to see where he lived.

At times Leonard had strange characters show up, telling him that God had sent them to be with him or under him. At times he had to send people to some places that could hopefully help them. Sometimes they were just misguided and at other times, they probably had real problems.”

From the biography In Light of Eternity by Mack Tomlinson

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4 Responses to Burt Forney on Martha Ravenhill

  • Mercy Amoo-Darku says:

    i am a Ghanaian girl of 26 years. i just want to thank God for L. R. and only pray that my generation will have men who loved God as much as he did and willing enough to deny this world for it. Thank you Martha for being a supportive wife. L.R may your zeal fall on me so i love the Lord more.

  • nihar says:

    I am 42 years old l cannot express him but l want to love God as he loved him the messages have shaken me from inside l would had consider as previlage to serve your family as a servant and could have grabbed the greatest moments

  • Cladius says:

    I am 35 and growing in the Lord but of late been through this desert experience and heard Uncle Leonard on youtube. I dont know what to say but his words are building me up. Thank you Jesus for such examples. Help me Lord to be a man after your own heart in this generation. Thank you Jesus.

  • Kasokota Chalwe says:

    Am 23 years old, have been recently introduced to Leonard Ravenhill. I praise God for his life, may the Lord raise youths who can carry His banner like L.R did.

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