Eighth Day – My King – by Francis R. Havergal

Full Satisfaction in the King

‘Yea, let him take all, for as much as my lord the king is come again in peace to his own house.’—2 Sam. xix. 30.
IT is when the King has really come in peace to His own home in the ‘contrite and humble spirit ‘ (not before),—when He has entered in to make His abode there ‘(not before),—that the soul is satisfied with Him’ alone, and is ready to let any Ziba take all else, because all else really seems nothing at all in comparison to the conscious possession of the Treasure of treasures.

1 Zeph. iii. 17. 2 Zech. ii. 5. 8 Zech. ii. 8.
4 Zeph. iii. 14. 6 Zech. ii. 10. * Isa. Ivii. 15.
“^ John xiv. 23. 8 Ps. xxii. 26. ^ Matt. xiii. 46. 10 Isa. xxxiii. 6.

Sometimes this is reached at once, in the first flush of wondering joy at finding the King really ‘come in peace” to the empty soul which wanted to be  ‘His own house.’ Sometimes very gradually,—as year after year we realize His indwelling more and more, and find again and again that He is quite enough to satisfy us in all circumstances; that the empty corners of the ‘ house’ are filled one after another; that the old longings have somehow gone away, and the old ambitions vanished; that the old tastes and interests in the things of the world are superseded by stronger tastes and interests in the things of Christ; that He is day by day more really filling our lives,—’we count’ (because we really find) one thing after another ‘but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord,’ till He leads us on to the rapturous joy of the ‘Yea, doubtless,’ and ‘all things !’
Now, have we got as far as saying ‘some things,’ without being quite sure about ‘ all things ‘ ? Do you see that it all hinges upon Jesus coming into the heart as ‘His own house,’— altogether ‘His own ‘ ? For if there are some rooms of which we do not give up the key,—some little sitting-room which we would like to keep as a little mental retreat, with a view from the window, which we do not quite want to give up,—some lodger whom we would rather not send away just yet,—some little dark closet which we have not resolution to open and set to rights,—of course the King has not full possession; it is not all and really ‘ His own’ and the very misgiving about it proves that He has therefore not yet ‘ come again in peace.’ It is no use expecting ‘perfect peace,’ while He has a secret controversy with us about any withholding of what is ‘His own ‘ by purchase. Only throw open all the doors  ‘and the King of Glory shall come in,’ and then there will be no craving for other guests. He will ‘ fill this house with glory,’ and there will be no place left for gloom.
Is it not so ? Bear witness, tell it out, you with whom the King dwells in peace ? Life is filled with bright interests, time is filled with happy work or peaceful waiting, the mind is filled with His beautiful words and thoughts, the heart is filled with His presence, and you ‘ abide satisfied ‘ with Him Yes, ‘ tell it out! ‘

1 Heb. iii. 6. 2 Eph. i. 23.
* Phil. iii. 8. •* Acts xxvi. 29.

The human heart asks love ; but now I know
That my heart hath from Thee
All real, and full, and marvellous affection,
So near, so human! yet Divine perfection
Thrills gloriously the mighty glow !
Thy love is enough for me !
There were strange soul-depths, restless, vast and broad,
 Unfathomed as the sea;
An infinite craving for some infinite stilling;
But now Thy perfect love is perfect filling!
Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord, my God,
Thou, Thou art enough for me.

1 Isa. xxvi. 3. 2 Mic. vi. 2. 3 Acts v. 2.
4 Rev. iii. 20. 6 Ps. xxiv. 9. 6 Hag. ii. 7.
7 Prov. xix, 23.

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