• “Our flesh is always looking for ways to spiritualize our self-exaltation–the Spirit glorifies Another.” – Abigail Dodds

The Life of Susannah Spurgeon

Chapter 10 – Founding of ‘The Book Fund’

    Founding of ‘The Book Fund’

    MRS. SPURGEON, had she organized no new work herself, would always have been remembered as… Continue reading

Chapter 11 – The Book Fund Grows

    The Book Fund Grows

    A FEW months before the Book Fund originated, Mrs. Spurgeon had sown in a large garden… Continue reading

Chapter 12 – Continued Success of the Book Fund

    Continued Success of the Book Fund

    TO give anything like a history of Mrs. Spurgeon’s Book Fund in these pages… Continue reading

Chapter 13 – Last Years of Married Life

    Last Years of Married Life

    IN 1880 Mr. and Mrs. Spurgeon removed from Nightingale Lane, Clapham, to “Westwood,” Beulah Hill,… Continue reading

Chapter 14 – Widowhood


    MRS. SPURGEON’S widowhood lasted close upon a dozen years, and in a sense, her life, since 1892, must have… Continue reading

Chapter 15 – Conclusion


    MRS. SPURGEON has gone, but her work remains. Her last thoughts were for the Book Fund, and for the… Continue reading

  • “O beloved friends, there is a life on wings. I feel the streams of His life fill me and permeate my mortal frame from my head to my feet, until no words are adequate to describe it. I can only make a few bungling attempts to tell you what it is like and ask the Lord to reveal to you the rest. May He reveal to you your inheritance in Christ Jesus so that you will press on and get all that He has for you.” – Carrie Judd Montgomery

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