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The Life of Susannah Spurgeon

Chapter 10 – Founding of ‘The Book Fund’

    Founding of ‘The Book Fund’

    MRS. SPURGEON, had she organized no new work herself, would always have been remembered as… Continue reading

Chapter 11 – The Book Fund Grows

    The Book Fund Grows

    A FEW months before the Book Fund originated, Mrs. Spurgeon had sown in a large garden… Continue reading

Chapter 12 – Continued Success of the Book Fund

    Continued Success of the Book Fund

    TO give anything like a history of Mrs. Spurgeon’s Book Fund in these pages… Continue reading

Chapter 13 – Last Years of Married Life

    Last Years of Married Life

    IN 1880 Mr. and Mrs. Spurgeon removed from Nightingale Lane, Clapham, to “Westwood,” Beulah Hill,… Continue reading

Chapter 14 – Widowhood


    MRS. SPURGEON’S widowhood lasted close upon a dozen years, and in a sense, her life, since 1892, must have… Continue reading

Chapter 15 – Conclusion


    MRS. SPURGEON has gone, but her work remains. Her last thoughts were for the Book Fund, and for the… Continue reading

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